Side tables


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Side tables are an indispensable item for your interior. Next to your couch, desk, armchair .... you can even use it as a bedside table. You can never have enough of these handy side tables. Shop your collection of side tables at Home Delight and get inspired.


With a side table you have may options!

Side tables are multi-purpose. Put a somewhat higher and longer table in your hall and decorate the whole with a beautiful mirror, so you create a welcoming atmosphere in your hall. Or use a side table in your bedroom as a bedside table, a subtle light on it and some accessories and you are all set. And are you crazy about plants and greenery in your interior, use a nice table as a plant table, combine different plants and pots together for a really fresh and green interior.


Which style do you choose?

The shape of your side table partly determines the style of your interior. If you go for a square side table or for a rectangular side table, then you opt for tighter lines. In a modern interior belong modern side tables, go for a sturdy metal frame with a glass top. If you want a softer look, go for a round side table. Combine several round tables in different sizes and colors together for an extra playful effect.